The Author

Jamie Dickey Ungerleider, MSW, PhD, has spent more than forty years as an educator, psychotherapist, organizational consultant, and relationship coach.
Ross Ungerleider, MD, MBA, is a pediatric heart surgeon, educator, leader and certified coach.
Together and individually, Ross and Jamie consult, speak and conduct workshops on leadership, teamwork, conflict management, stress management, work-life balance and relationship skills for individuals and couples. Their work is dedicated to helping produce healthier and more vibrant professionals and leaders, who have more effective, satisfying, and authentic relationships with themselves, with others (including within their family structures) and with the organizations for which they work.
Anne Strand, D.Min, LMFT—artist, teacher, Episcopal Chaplain, summa cum laude scholar, writer, wife, mother, grandmother and retired licensed psychotherapist of thirty-one years—studied art with the New York Studio School and earned academic degrees in Art, Theology and Psychology. Her work, both as writer and artist, forms an amalgam of these three disciplines.